I would like to introduce you to BiLLY's spring/summer story 2014, Botanica.

BILLY is a creative company designing and wholesaling a contemporary range of high quality personal accessories and interior products. All are made from natural materials, with a thoughtful and inspired take on a traditional Australian theme that sets us apart from the rest.

BiLLY's distinctive, clean and neutral colour palette guarantees timeless appeal. The brand imagery and design are all original, evocative and inspiring to add to broad a rich life style. Discover our chic woman's accessories, including gorgeous precious metal earrings and charms, as well as gift-boxed silk scarves and other high quality textile print gifts and home wares.

Unusual, surprising and beautifully branded, BiLLY's wide range of boutique gift products ensure delight from the time they are merchandised and shelved to being opened by their lucky recipients.

Grown and developed in Sydney's historic harbour-side village of Balmain, with a design team across the country, BiLLY's new season range has the unmistakeable allure of Australia and is produced to last and give pleasure for years to come.